Jacques Love

World Class Dj

Silence decorator and curator of fine grooves (formerly known as Jacques the Ripper), Jacques started DJing in 2006 for friends who were thirsty for quality music and good vibes. He quickly progressed to playing at numerous events and festivals throughout the West Coast.

Founder of the infamous “Kundalini Lounge” at Burning Man, his musical journey continued all over the US, Mexico, Colombia, Thailand and his native birth country of France. Jacques has an eclectic library of heavy bass lines, sexy beats, and melodic grooves that can take any dance floor on an epic journey. He excels and feels right at home with late night vibes and memorable sunrise sets.

Unable to perform during the pandemic, he started producing music and released 3 tracks. He is in the process of creating new ones with talented producers in Los Angeles. He has a relentless passion for reading any crowd, sharing music, and inspiring people to dance.

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